The View from Lummi Island

January 3

this island
smoothed and settled
humped and wild

thrown just off
the exploded heart
of the san juans


January 4

to the west:

grey layers and violet lines
smeared fractals and escher covenants
holding/creating          sweeping away
stalwart islands and thin-skinned waters
spasmodic winds and
skittish, fragile beliefs.


January 5

to the north:

the unseen flattening
fraser delta

jagged abrupt bulkhead
of bc mountains

and beyond:
grizzly, caribou, greyling

and just a bit further:
white seas, white bears

white fantasy.


January 6

to the east:

all intent
governed, overwhelmed
by pale ephemeral apparition
of koma kulshan

the center of the earth, revealed
still restless

the sacred fear.


January 7

to the south:

the lorelei
the teeming exigency
the inevitability

of seattle.



The View from Lummi Island, newly updated, is now available from Village Books.

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1 Response to The View from Lummi Island

  1. So lovely, Luther, and a precious way to begin a new year. Bravo!

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