SpeakEasy is an occasional reading series produced in Bellingham, Washington, by Luther Allen, author of The View from Lummi Island.

SpeakEasy 17
SpeakEasy 17: Noisy Water – Poetry from Whatcom County, Washington
Tuesday, December 1, 2015 ~ 7:00pm ~ at the Mount Baker Theatre, Encore Room
104 N Commercial Street, Bellingham, Washington
The reading is free; copies of Noisy Water will be available for sale.
POETS/READERS: Susanne Paola Antonetta | Bruce Beasley | Angela Belcaster |
Nancy Canyon | Thom Davis | Susan J. Erickson | Paul Fisher | Carol Guess |
Steve Hood | Shannon P. Laws | Chuck Luckmann | Rebecca Mabanglo-Mayor |
Carlos Martinez | Jack McCarthy (read by Carol McCarthy) | Simon McGuire |
Carol McMillan | Kate Miller | Jeffrey Morgan | John Morgan (read by Jeffrey Morgan) | Keith Moul | Joe Nolting | Christopher Patton | Timothy Pilgrim | Rena Priest |
Erica Reed | Boris D. Schleinkofer | Luci Shaw | Elizabeth Vignali

SpeakEasy past:

SpeakEasy 16: Fresh Minds, New Words
SpeakEasy 16: Fresh Minds, New Words
Poets/readers: Anya Rick | Charlotte Hasbrouck | Chuck Robinson | Cicely Bergsma
Daniel Garcia | Durban McCarty | Elisha Foster | Emily Welsh | Eric Carr
Finnigan Cooper | Grace Hooper | Grace Hughes | Jessica Gillis
Kaya Sherwood-Bally | Kevin Murphy | Klara Schwarz | Laurel Leigh | Lois Holub
Lucy Guerra | Marielle Selig | Pamela Porter | Rena Priest | Rowan McConnell
Sarah Wallace | Savanna Wolverton | Serenity McAlister | Skip Williams
Solstice Black | Thomas Boyle

See more on the SpeakEasy 16 page.

Poems and Prayers for the New Year
SpeakEasy 15: Poems & Prayers for the New Year
Poets: Angela Belcaster | Betty Scott | Caitlin Thomson | Carol McMillan
Carolyn McCarthy | Chuck Luckmann | CJ Prince | David Drummond | David M. Laws
Diane Cordrey | Harvey Schwartz | Jim Milstead | Jim Schmotzer | Joe Nolting
J.I. Kleinberg | Kari Galbraith | Kate Miller | Lane Morgan | Lois Holub
Luther Allen | Malcolm Kenyon | Margot Lewis | Mary Gillilan | Mo Dole
Nancy Canyon | Nancy Pagh | Paul Fisher | Peter Messinger | Phyllis Boernke
Steve Hood | Susan J. Erickson | Tim Pilgrim

SpeakEasy 14: String Theory

SpeakEasy 13 - Love Uncensored
SpeakEasy 13: Love Uncensored
In honor of Valentine’s Day, local couples read poems — their own and their favorites — on love and all its entanglements.
Click here to view or download a PDF of the SpeakEasy 13: Love Uncensored PowerPoint.

SpeakEasy 12
SpeakEasy 12 was recorded by R.A. Hull, A Backup Experience. See the program and listen to the recordings on the SpeakEasy 12 page.

SpeakEasy 11
Here’s a brief overview of SpeakEasy 11 posted by CJ Prince.

SpeakEasy 10

SpeakEasy 9 - Road Trip

SpeakEasy 8: Cirque, a literary journal

SpeakEasy 7: Variations on a prompt

SpeakEasy 6: Love uncensored

SpeakEasy 5

SpeakEasy 4 ~ August 6, 2010 ~ Mindport Exhibits
Featured poets: Nancy Canyon, Rena Priest, Scott Stodola, Sue Johnson and Paul Sarvasy

SpeakEasy 3

SpeakEasy 2 ~ November 6, 2009 ~ Mindport Exhibits
Featured poets: James Bertolino, Anita K. Boyle, J.I. Kleinberg, Rick Merrill and Carla Shafer

SpeakEasy 1

8 Responses to SpeakEasy

  1. Blackhawk 61 says:

    Viet Nam 1967

    Tell me, my friend, of the battles we have won.
    Tell me of the freedom that we saved.
    Whisper to me gently of the good that we have done,
    And I’ll lay here listening from my grave.

    Tell me of the men who fought by my side.
    Tell me of their glory and their gain,
    But please don’t ever tell me of the damage we have done
    ‘Less the truth decree that it was all in vain.

    So, sing to me gently and whisper to me mild.
    Fight on my friend and never shed a tear.
    Yet remember, when you’re dying with a bullet in your side
    Just why it was they sent us over here.

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