more Noisy Water to come!

Noisy Water poster 2016

The next reading for Noisy Water is on Saturday, February 20, 2016, 7:30pm, at the Island Library on Lummi Island. See the full line-up of readings on the Noisy Water page. A couple of additional readings are in the works and will be added as soon as they are confirmed. All readings are free and open to the public.

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Tuesday, February 9

South Whatcom

Please join us this evening at 7:00 p.m. at the South Whatcom Library to hear from Noisy Water poets Jennifer Bullis, Dee Dee Chapman, Susan Chase-Foster, J.I. Kleinberg, Rob Lewis, Dobbie Reese Norris and Stan Tag. The South Whatcom Library is at 10 Barn View Court, Sudden Valley (Gate 2). The reading is free and copies of Noisy Water will be available for purchase ($16.56 + tax = $18.00).

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Cascadia Weekly 27 Jan 2016

Special thanks to Lisa Gresham for including Noisy Water in the Words column in the January 27, 2016, edition of the Cascadia Weekly.

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Noisy Water 2016 readings

Noisy Water poster 2016

Please join us…and watch for additional readings at a location near you!

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Noisy Water reviewed

Take 5 - Bellingham Herald

A lovely review of Noisy Water by the “Bookmonger,” Barbara Lloyd McMichael, in the December 31, 2015, edition of the Take 5 section of The Bellingham Herald and in other regional publications. Read “Anthologies that connect community” in the Kitsap Sun.

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Noisy Water!

Noisy Water anthology

Other Mind Press is very pleased to announce the publication of Noisy Water: Poetry from Whatcom County, Washington, an anthology of work by 101 poets with close ties to the region. A series of readings, starting December 1, 2015, will launch the publication and celebrate the voices of these fine poets. Please visit the Noisy Water page to see an updated list of events and poet/readers, and please join us at one or more of the readings. (And now that holiday shopping has officially begun, we hope you’ll add a few copies of Noisy Water to your giving list!)

P.S.: Thanks to Margaret Bikman and the Bellingham Herald!

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small stones

by Luther Allen

fourteen billion years ago
something happened

out of nothing

or perhaps out of something
we may never find out

but from that instant
physics threw a wild party
which for all we know
may never end

somewhere along the line
this planet congealed and
hooked up with a star

at some point
there was a twitch in the muck
and somehow that twitch
gave rise to another twitch
and that started a wild party of its own

it’s hard to say which was the biggest miracle

some four billion years after that first twitch
you are sitting at this table
with an ordinary stone in front of you

through a convergent path of fate
that required lots of heat and gravity
and vast numbers of births and deaths
and more than a little luck
you have come together

take the stone in your hand
feel it
look at it

the stone is something like your ancestor
you are something like its caretaker
its eyes
its mind

let us be grateful
for this wildness
for this wild
astounding opportunity

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