December 24*

the view from Lummi Island

some days it is                dull grey      leaden purple      ashen umber
murky struggled light daubed drab
cold and deathly wet to touch

some days it is                silver      platinum      lilac/violet
etched in fine thin light, shimmering
bleeding the exact perfect nature

of winter

*Copyright 2010 by Luther Allen. This poem appears in The View from Lummi Island.

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fourteen billion years ago
something happened

out of nothing

or perhaps out of something
we may never find out

but from that instant
physics threw a wild party
which for all we know
may never end

somewhere along the line
this planet congealed and
hooked up with a star

at some point
there was a twitch in the muck
and somehow that twitch
gave rise to another twitch
and that started a wild party of its own

it’s hard to say which was the biggest miracle

some four billion years after that first twitch
you are sitting at this table
with an ordinary stone in front of you

through a convergent path of fate
that required lots of heat and gravity
and vast numbers of births and deaths
and more than a little luck
you have come together

take the stone in your hand
feel it
look at it

the stone is something like your ancestor
you are something like its caretaker
its eyes
its mind

let us be grateful
for this wildness
for this wild
astounding opportunity

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July 24*

the view from Lummi Island by Luther Allen

the vast of deep summer
          the lazy waft of heron
          rolling swells of dry flaxen field grass
          the sweet chill air of dawn/dusk
          leaves luxuriating under strong full sun

                    and the horizon stretches
                    beyond the edge of the earth

                    and the sky is not a bowl
                    but an expanse of warm infinity

*Copyright 2010 by Luther Allen. This poem appears in The View from Lummi Island.

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June 28*

Lummi Island sunset

hottest day of the year                          thus far lummi kids
might have hit 80                                  splatter in water
sticky, hot, been in town                      off the ferry dock

i go to the beach
to wade, to cool
my soft winter feet
prickled and tickled by the gravel

cold water aches to the bone
travels up, clasps my heart in hard grip
i back out, yelping

. . . . .
*Copyright 2010 by Luther Allen. This poem appears in The View from Lummi Island.

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Noisy Water in the park

Poets in the Park 2016

The annual Poets in the Park poetry festival, picnic and book fair is coming to Anderson Park in Redmond, Washington, on Saturday, June 25, 2016, and it promises to be an action-packed day.

Festival highlights include readings, performances, music, displays, a book fair, poetry workshops, open mic, and play activities for all ages. Among the featured readers are five poets representing Noisy Water: Luther Allen, Matthew Brouwer, Paul Fisher, J.I. Kleinberg and Rena Priest.

Admission and parking is free. To see the complete schedule, go to Poets in the Park and scroll down. There’s more Poets in the Park on Facebook. Bring your lunch and come enjoy a day of poetry in the park!

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Noisy Water update

Noisy Water: Poetry from Whatcom County, Washington

Other Mind Press has now completed the scheduled readings for Noisy Water that started in December and concluded with a special art/poetry event at the Firehouse Performing Arts Center in April. We extend special thanks to the poets and the many attendees at these events, as well as the venues, our friends in the media who helped promote the book, and Ellie Rogers, Joe Meche and Threshold Documents, without whom Noisy Water would be a mere trickle.

We look forward to additional readings, as yet unplanned, and encourage readers to discover the many fine poems included in this unique anthology. Noisy Water: Poetry from Whatcom County, Washington can be borrowed from the Whatcom County Library System and the Western Washington University library and is available for purchase at Village Books, the Museum Store at the Whatcom Museum (Lightcatcher), Allied Arts of Whatcom County, The Willows gift shop, and the North Cascades Institute.

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the last Noisy Water reading!

Noisy Water at the Firehouse

To cap a series of readings that started in December and in celebration of National Poetry Month, Jeni Cottrell, Harold Niven and FAIM present an Art and Poetry Special Exhibit and Reading at the Firehouse Café and Firehouse Performing Arts Center, Fairhaven (Bellingham, Washington).

Noisy Water poets were invited to exhibit artworks inspired by or related to their Noisy Water poem. The resulting exhibit is on view through April 30, 2016, during café hours, 7:00am – 4:00pm daily. A special reception and reading will be held on Sunday, April 24. The reception begins at 6:30pm and the reading begins at 7:00pm. The entire event is free and open to the public. Copies of Noisy Water will be available for purchase.

The Washington State Poet Laureate, Tod Marshall, in town for his poetrynight appearance on April 25, will be a special guest and member of the audience for the evening’s festivities. Participating artist/poets are: Anita K. Boyle | Nancy Canyon | Susan Chase-Foster | David Drummond | Susan J. Erickson | Stephanie Cosky Hopkinson | Sandra F. Lucke | Carol McMillan | Rachel Mehl | Stephen Peters | Erica Reed | Colleen Schwartz | Harvey Schwartz | Sheila Sondik | Caitlin Thomson | Richard Widerkehr.

Please join us!

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