SpeakEasy: looking back, going forward

As we finalize the details for SpeakEasy 29: Waymaking, coming up Sunday, September 18, 2022, we thought we’d share a little update on recent developments regarding SpeakEasy 27: A Spiritual Thread.

As you may recall, the five participating poets, Susan Alexander, Luther Allen, Bruce Beasley, Jennifer Bullis, and Dayna Patterson, wrote a series of linked poems, which they shared in a series of five Zoom sessions, followed by a sixth, audience response, session. The SpeakEasy 27 poems were rich and powerful and the poets have been pushing them out into the world:

Susan Alexander’s poem “Corona,” which included an epigraph by Dayna Patterson, was published in Clementine Unbound.

Bruce Beasley’s poem “Called to Lapse” was published in Plume, Issue #132, and he introduces it here.

Jennifer Bullis’s poem “December Roses” has been accepted by RHINO Poetry and is scheduled for publication in the winter.

Dayna Patterson’s two poembroidery pieces, “A Spiritual Thread” and “Thread Shadows” were published by Thrush. “Our Lady of Thread” was published in Kenyon Review, Volume 43, Number 6, and a modified version of “O hot doctrine of O” has been accepted for Sugar House Review’s Sugar Suites feature.

We know that additional poems from the series are circulating among the journals and there will very likely be additions to this list. Meanwhile, we congratulate (and thank) the poets and invite you to view the Zoom recordings, all available on the SpeakEasy 27 page.

We have an impressive lineup of poets for SpeakEasy 29 (more soon on that) and look forward to seeing you at the Mount Baker Theatre on September 18.

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