November 13*

the first fresh view:
          intrigue of water, cloud, sky
          enticement of shore, its critters, kelp
          the beguilement of the inner forest, paths, meadows
          the delight of this island

the everyday view:
          the same old stuff, yeah, yeah
          we look only long enough to navigate
          reassuring ourselves that things are still there
          (in a blur, becoming work, symbol, instead of being)
          the confinement of island

the older, deeper view:
          immerse in sound, smell, light, touch
          remembering water, cloud, sky are
          not words, not those things, but
          marvelous interplay in some pattern
          that runs in us, feeding,
          nurturing, inciting, provoking.

                    this island as grounded center
                    of wandering bubbling fringe
                    of the universe, of the divine,
                    never knowable, never the same

*Copyright 2010 by Luther Allen. This poem appears in The View from Lummi Island.

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2 Responses to November 13*

  1. susanissima says:

    Rings true…beautifully expressed, Luther.

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