April 5*

beach fire

beach fire

everyone has left
carole shoveling
redeyed coals and gravel
into the quenching sea salt:
hiss, white steam, white stars
black water
and gone

good night

*Copyright 2010 by Luther Allen. This poem appears in The View from Lummi Island.
beach fire photo

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7 Responses to April 5*

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  2. jingle says:

    lovely portrayal of beach fire.

    you rocked on this.

  3. Jamie Dedes says:

    Just moves us along, doesn’t it. I like it. Thanks for your contribution to Thursday Poets Rally and welcome.

  4. Kay Salady says:

    Goodnight! Almost makes me wish to be there near the campfire. Thank you!

  5. Shanna Dodd says:

    Very visual. I love this. More please.

  6. trisha says:

    very vivid word sketch.

    visiting you from Thursday Rally for poets held at Jingle’s blog (http://thursdaypoetsrallypoetry.wordpress.com/) , (http://thursdaypoetsrallypoetry.blogspot.com/)

    Happy Rally!!

  7. silverdegene says:

    Lovely picture, came alive with your words :)

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