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Other Mind Press is very pleased to announce the publication of The View from Lummi Island, a collection of 365 poems by Luther Allen.

Written while the author lived on Lummi Island, these poems are the result of Allen’s fascination with the natural fabric of an iconic island, informed by his deep reverence for place. Although about a specific location, the insights expressed in the poems are meant to be applicable to any place, any life.

A year’s worth of poems allows and invites an opportunity for a wide range of expression: from simple description to more challenging conceptual poems, from serious and profound to lighter narrative and humor, from line-to-line free verse to non-traditional interwoven spatial forms. The poems are accessible to the general reader, while still providing layers of meaning, subtle perceptions and avenues for deeper understanding for the most sophisticated reader.

Luther Allen says, “I wanted to share my exploration and deep connection with place in a way that inspires the reader to delve into his/her own place in a more conscious and perhaps spiritual manner.”

The View from Lummi Island, ISBN 978-069201116-4, $15, is available at Village Books (in person, by phone and online).

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