September 3*

a wiggling network, a web of humming strings
supported, fed and controlled,
by breath, touch, energy.
“infused dynamic balance”
it is all about movement, change, transformation
(nothing, nothing is static)
                                        some in less than an instant
                                        some in billions of years
                objects are not objects
                they are this becoming that
                (objects only in the snapshot of our consciousness)
eating and being eaten
fueling and providing fuel
passing from one state of bliss to another
                                 (and we have the audacity to call this death?)
                from subatomic particle/wave
                to the imagined endlessness of the universe
and at the infinite center:
                immanent calm, knowing
                every act is sacred, perfect

*Copyright 2010 by Luther Allen. This poem is included in the new volume, The View from Lummi Island.

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